Happy 2017-Plus One (at least for now)

It took approximately two and half hours to fully realize that the peace-and-love salutations of the New Year were long gone. From the time “Auld Lang Syne” ended to when the last party favor was sounded, peace and love took a back seat to an inebriated asshole pounding on his hotel room door. And yelling.... Continue Reading →


The Uninspired Version of Me

So I'm on vacation. Well, not really. When you're working two jobs whose hours total 57.5 hours a week -- and one of those jobs is journalism-based -- you're never really on vacation. At least I'm not. I'm old school and I'm a firm believer in the fact that because I chose this profession, I'm... Continue Reading →

Again in America

I never wanted to go to Las Vegas. It was never on my bucket list of places to visit or things to do. I had no interest in the bright lights, The Strip, the casinos, that silly sign that sits obnoxiously on the edge of the city as a photobomb for tourists who stand in... Continue Reading →

Dear Lottery Winner, What if?

Dear $758 Million Lottery Winner, I woke up this morning and discovered the bad news. I was not the big money winner of last night’s Powerball drawing. Instead, you were. Congratulations. Then, I discovered more bad news. After walking up to my local deli, and plugging my own two lottery tickets under the scanner (I... Continue Reading →

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