Taking a Stand: When are we going to get to the real issues?

So three roofers are standing on a roof. What sounds like the beginning of a lame bar joke is actually one of the problems with what's wrong with America, at least in my humble opinion. Let's get one thing straight, though: Three roofers taking time out from doing their job and standing for the National... Continue Reading →


Dear Lottery Winner, What if?

Dear $758 Million Lottery Winner, I woke up this morning and discovered the bad news. I was not the big money winner of last night’s Powerball drawing. Instead, you were. Congratulations. Then, I discovered more bad news. After walking up to my local deli, and plugging my own two lottery tickets under the scanner (I... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary To Us

• • • Four years ago -- well, four years and one day ago, to be exact -- The October Weekend was reborn. I was sitting around, feeling old, and wanting to write, so I moved off my couch, sat down at my computer chair, and still feeling old, I started to write. Over the past 1,424... Continue Reading →

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