The Uninspired Version of Me

So I'm on vacation. Well, not really. When you're working two jobs whose hours total 57.5 hours a week -- and one of those jobs is journalism-based -- you're never really on vacation. At least I'm not. I'm old school and I'm a firm believer in the fact that because I chose this profession, I'm... Continue Reading →


Dear Lottery Winner, What if?

Dear $758 Million Lottery Winner, I woke up this morning and discovered the bad news. I was not the big money winner of last night’s Powerball drawing. Instead, you were. Congratulations. Then, I discovered more bad news. After walking up to my local deli, and plugging my own two lottery tickets under the scanner (I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Just Want To Feel Close To Home

Walking through the under belly of Wesleyan University's Freeman Athletic Center in Middletown, Connecticut, I came across the Colby College hockey team. I was there for the 2017 National High School Squash Championships. The Mules were there to play hockey. One by one, earphones plugged in to drown out the outside, they were lugging their gear... Continue Reading →

The death of future vacations

I was on vacation last week. Well, for about 17 1/2 hours of last week. Somehow, for the other 20 hours of my "work-free" week, I was working. It's not entirely my fault, I suppose, even though it is. I can't just walk away, even though that is what a vacation is supposed to be. I'm just... Continue Reading →

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