Remembering Walter: A long-lost weekend’s lesson remains true

I didn’t know Walter Crabtree well, but it’s safe to say he taught me one of life’s most important athletic lessons. Play your role 100 percent and you’ll be successful. After a life full of teaching those around him, Walter passed away two days after Thanksgiving Day at the age of 60. Personally, I’m thankful... Continue Reading →


The Quitter

She quit. She packed up her gear, walked out of the dugout, said something to the head coach and walked away from the field, not looking back, leaving behind eight teammates to ask, "What the hell just happened?" She just quit. It was the bottom of the fourth inning in a two-run game. This is... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Just Want To Feel Close To Home

Walking through the under belly of Wesleyan University's Freeman Athletic Center in Middletown, Connecticut, I came across the Colby College hockey team. I was there for the 2017 National High School Squash Championships. The Mules were there to play hockey. One by one, earphones plugged in to drown out the outside, they were lugging their gear... Continue Reading →

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