With word that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was leaving the White House after “three and a half years,” according to a Tweet sent out by 45 himself, I had just one thought.

“Nah nah nah nah … nah nah nah nah … Hey, Hey … Goodbye.”

No, seriously, that was my thought.

But did you know that the infamous ditty made so famous by countless sports fans, a rallying cry that signals a game is all but officially over, is actually a full-fledged song?

True story.

In 1969, the band Steam released “Na, Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye”—the actual title–and it was a No. 1 hit song.

Here it is for listening and viewing pleasure.

And check this out.

According to Wikipedia, studio musicians Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer, who recorded the song along with producer/writer, Paul Leka were originally members of a vocal group called The Glenwoods.

The Glenwoods were based out of Bridgeport, Connecticut, which is also where DeCarlo was born.

Bridgeport is the next city over from where I hang my hats.

Also, for the record, DeCarlo passed away two years ago this month—which was three years after the singer released his final album, “Long Time Comin” which included a new version of his hit song.

So, as Sarah’s final days wind down, and before she disappears back to Alabama to run for governor or disappear off the face of the Earth, I give you this look at Steam performing their original song.

This one is for you, Sarah.


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