Upon further review, I still say RIP Abbey

Abbey Meany
Photo courtesy of Abbey Meany’s Facebook page.

Earlier today, I published a post in this very space about a young lady named Abbey Meany, a 27-year-old Connecticut woman, and mother of one, who took her own live last week.

In that 429-word missive, I pondered how sad it was that such a young person with seemingly so much to live for met such a tragic ending. Looking from the far outskirts of her life, I openly wondered how it could happen.

In the hours after I hit publish, a couple of people — people who claimed to truly know Abbey — left a couple of comments, which i quickly approved.

As one person said, “She was wonderful person and mother.”

However, it also became obvious to me that the way I had written the post confused some people, who didn’t quite grasp what it was I was trying to say.

As a writer, this is on me.

Despite my obviously stating that I didn’t know her, and was just searching for the reasons why she might opt for such a way out of her life, somebody who claimed to know her seemed to think I was painting her in a light far less flattering than the Abbey they knew.

As I’ve stated in this space time and time again, I don’t care what the reader thinks about what I write. This space isn’t about them. It’s about me and this time of my life.

However, I have decided to take the previous post down from public view because the post was also about Abbey, and the last thing I wanted is for anybody to come away with the wrong idea about who she was as a person.

Most of my readers wouldn’t have a clue or a care about who Abbey Meany was in life, but in death I certainly don’t want anybody thinking less of her while her family and friends remain in mourning.

As such, I end this post the same way I ended the last one … which sums up my ultimate feelings about the entire incident.

Rest in peace, Abbey.


One comment on “Upon further review, I still say RIP Abbey

  1. Yasmin Reyes says:

    I keep trying to find about any obituaries of Abbey even spoke to a family member on fb. It scares me to know that no one has claimed her or there’s no information about any funeral service.

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