Let Trump Be Trump

When it comes to the 45th President of these United States, here’s the one thing I am hoping for: I hope Donald John Trump doesn’t change a bit.

Now I can’t believe I am saying that, but it’s true. As a liberal-leaning Independent who has voted on both sides of the party line in my life, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Mr. Trump.

He’s a buffoon. And a bunch of other adjectives, but by now you’ve heard them all.

Our next president of the United States of America. No, I'm serious. It really is. (Photo courtesy of slate.com)

Our next president of the United States of America. 

But, the people have spoken and come January, we’ll be renaming 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., “Trump Plaza-DC.”

I just hope he doesn’t change one iota.

And this is why.

Trump claims to be his own man. But more than 60.2 million Americans picked him to be their man, as well.

They didn’t just vote for a reality television star who is too cocky for his own good. They voted the way they did because they were tired of politics as usual and they wanted real change. God bless them for that.

I’m tired of politics, as usual, as well. But I couldn’t bring myself to vote for this person.

People say a Trump presidency is embarrassing to this country.

Well, Washington has embarrassed pretty regularly over the last few decades, especially the Republics. Each and every move further divided this country, destroyed their own party and brought us to 2016 with this man as our next President.

From spending $80 million needlessly investigating President Clinton back in the 1990s to leading us into a war we never should have gotten into (Iraq, Part II), to the last six years of refusing to work with President Obama or anybody not affiliated with their party, to doing their duties and naming the most recent Supreme Court justice, the Republican politicians have failed this country big time.

And the Democrats? Well, they’ve usually refused to fight.

Together, they could have made change possible. But they failed at every turn.

And now a “Republican” sits once again in the highest office of the land, but let’s face it … Donald Trump is not your typical Republican.

Let’s not forget, the man was a Democrat once. He’s also been an Independent.

So who knows what kind of president Trump will be.

I just hope he remains the Donald Trump the people voted in.

I hope he remains a headache for the Republicans, who hated the bejesus out of Trump until he reached 370 electoral votes. Now, they’re trying to act like best friends.

I hope he’s a thorn in the side of Democrats, too.

And for every stupid thing he does that leads to 60.8 million voters (that’s Hillary’s people, winning the popular vote, mind you) yelling unison, “We told you so,” I also hope he sits down at a table with both sides of the party and really does bring them together for the betterment of this country.

That’s why he’s sitting there, folks. To change things up.

If he can bring just a little bit of change to Washington in the next four years, that’s going to bring a whole new slew of candidates who can change things even more … people both sides can respect, look up to and vote for without feeling like they just came out of an X-rated video booth instead of a voting booth.

But for that to happen Donald Trump needs to remain Donald Trump.

If gets into bed with one side or the other, this whole 2016 election is going to be worthless — and it was far too painful for us to have taken so many steps backwards without moving forward in the future.

So let Trump be Trump.



One comment on “Let Trump Be Trump

  1. john nash sr says:

    I say the people have spoken,now let us give him a chance, dont forget we are saving 400,ooo oo dollars a year

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