The American Revolution, Part Deux

I woke up this morning and discovered last night wasn’t a dream.

Donald John Trump — millionaire, misogynist, TV Star, tax evader — is the President-Elect. Come January, he’ll put his hand on a bible and be sworn in as the 45th President of these United States of America.

Less than a week before the election I wrote on my Facebook page that “turnout” was going to be the deciding factor. And, boy, was it ever.

Americans turned out in droves to vote for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, who was hated as much as Trump, it seemed.

Turns out, she was hated even more.

Angry Americans, fed up with the politics-as-usual that this country has been force-fed for all of our lives, rose up even more and voted Trump.


Our next president of the United States of America. No, I’m serious. It really is. (Photo courtesy of

As such it all made sense to me this morning when I read a social media post of a man I respect a lot.

This was nothing short of an American Revolution — minus the Boston Tea Party, over-confident Redcoats and a pile of dead bodies, of course.

And you didn’t even need your precious little Second Amendment to do it. #thinkaboutthat

So in the words of Josiah Bartlet, the greatest “President” of my lifetime, “What’s next?”

We have an utter, prolific buffoon taking the highest office in the land and he’s doing so on an island.

He’s burned bridges all across the country with those he now has to work with to get things done.

Republicans control the government (still), but them being true-to-life politicians you know they’re going to rush to Trump’s side like Pavlov’s dogs, salivating and panting as the inaugural bells start to ring.

The Democrats will do the same because Trump is not your typical Republican. (This is all the hope this President offers, you know?)

Trump will get in bed with anybody. He has gotten in bed with Democrats plenty of times because it forwards his agenda. He’s gotten in bed with Republicans, too, but he’s proceeded to kick them all out because they didn’t side with him.

Nobody knows what to expect. Not even Russia.

But there are plenty of concerns sitting front and center.

Since the Republicans refused to do the job they were elected to do (See the problem here, America? We voted these people in and they’re not doing their job) and name a Supreme Court Justice, Roe vs. Wade could be in serious trouble in 2017.

Obama-care? As it is, it’s in big trouble and in some cases that’s a good thing. If Trump and his government blows it up totally, that’s a lot of sick kids whose child care will be paid for by you and me, and not the insurance companies. And if you have a pre-existing condition? Well, you’re as good as dead to the Republicans, even if they do lose a vote or two.

The wall? OK, now you’re just making me laugh .. until the first brick gets laid down. Stay tuned.

Look, nobody knows what to expect and that’s the exciting part for the people who voted for him. It’s also the scary part for people who didn’t.

For his entire life, Trump has been about all things Trump. Money. Power. Women.

When he wanted something, he set out to get it and he didn’t give a damn about what was left behind in his wake.

That could make for a good president … if he is true to his word and wants to bring this country back together.

The jury is way too far out to pass judgement, so it’s still impossible to hide the fear. Yes, it’s literally been “too soon.”


But for those of us who don’t follow through with our threats and move to Canada, we’re all in this ride together.

I give Mr. Trump less respect than I give George W. Bush Jr., or Richard Nixon at this point. I just don’t like the man, but I haven’t seen the President yet.

The first time Trump screws up, more than 50 million “Told-you-so’s” will echo from coast to coast. (After all, Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote 59,198,567 to 59,054,701 — how close is that?). But, once again, that whole electoral college thing got in the way so the people’s choice doesn’t really count for anything.

Personally, I don’t see how he lasts four years. His ways aren’t very presidential so I see him going down like Nixon, in disgrace, meaning we just voted in President Pence.

For me, that’s a possibility that’s even scarier than President Trump.

We created this mess. We deserve this mess.

Now, we have four years to fix our country. Maybe Trump is part of that fix. Maybe he isn’t.

Until then, “May God Bless America.”

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