The Unfollowing

During the summer months, I had a right-wing Republican “Facebook friend” of mine unfriend me because as I was taking pot shots at this entire electoral process her precious Donald Trump got caught in the cross-fire.

So be it.

I don’t cry over spilt milk and nor do I weep over people who no longer follow me on Facebook. I think it says more about her than it does me and the sun came up the following day without her in my Facebook life.


With the election just about a month away, though, my Facebook feed is being inundated with political postings. Right-wing. Left-wing. Funny. Not funny. True. Blatantly false. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Considering the fact I often read my Facebook feed while sitting on my couch, or glancing at it while at work, I’ve noticed that I’ve become less and less enamored and more and more put off by the entire process.

I don’t come into your living room or office and deliver a brown bag of expletive deleted, so why do you need to cyber your way into mine?

Thus I have decided as of this day – Oct. 12, 2016 – that if you are my Facebook friend and you post something political that is “anti-candidate”, I’m going to unfollow you until after the election.

In other words if you post something negative against Hillary Clinton, you are excused until mid-November. If you post something negative against Donald Trump, you are feed-less until Thanksgiving.

Now if you want to support your candidate … if you want to tell me why you like either one of them and that’s why you’re casting your vote for them, I’ll listen. I value your opinion as my friend.

But if you’re going to take the lazy way out and just post or repost something you didn’t even create, then I’m sorry. Consider yourself unfollowed.

I will do my best to write down your name so that once all this craziness is over, then I can follow you once again. After all, I do want to keep watching your family grow up, and I want to see what meals you’re eating … you know, all those things Facebook is created for.

And when I do unfollow somebody, I’m going to proudly announce that I’ve unfollowed a negative-posting person. (Fear not … you’ll remain anonymous).

Bottom line is I have some pretty big negatives going on in my life right now and I’m trying to fight my way through them.

I will not unfriend you for your thoughts.

I’m bigger than that.

But unfollow? It’ll be my pleasure and it won’t be a negative experience.

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