Revenge is a Dish Best Served with Toilet Paper

As I made my morning sojourn up to the local deli for 24 ounces of coffee, I couldn't help but notice the strands of toilet paper hanging from the trees, the bushes, the fences. Last night was "Mischief Night" -- or, Halloween Eve, if you will -- and in the never-ending tradition picked up youngsters... Continue Reading →


Sharing A Story of Strength

When I started The October Weekend blog back on Feb. 22, 2013, I pictured it as a place where I could write about things I wanted to write about. I also saw it as a place where I could share things that I discovered with my family and friends, and whatever loyal readers I have who... Continue Reading →

Running From The Confusion

Hours after Jamie Taylor ran for his touchdown, Trinity Gay didn't even have time to run for her life. And now here I sit in my apartment as the weekend comes to an end, the darkness lit only by a computer screen, trying to make sense of this emotion that's swelling up inside me. I... Continue Reading →

When Right Is Wrong and Wrong Is Right

Outside of some of the most successful Madden NFL video game seasons in history, I only played one season of football. Real football. I was in eighth grade and I was a running back/linebacker for a Brewer Police Athletic League team. All that I remember from that eight-game season is Jeff Mitchell was our quarterback and a... Continue Reading →

The Unfollowing

During the summer months, I had a right-wing Republican "Facebook friend" of mine unfriend me because as I was taking pot shots at this entire electoral process her precious Donald Trump got caught in the cross-fire. So be it. I don't cry over spilt milk and nor do I weep over people who no longer follow... Continue Reading →

I Will Not Call Him Coach

From time to time, in my business of sports journalism, a story pops up where a coach is front and center and surrounded by controversy. Earlier this fall, back home in Maine, there was a story about a coach "forced into resigning" because of a parental pressure. Now, this week, here on the Gold Coast... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Locker Room Talk

As I've gotten older, one of the pet peeves in life is people who think they're better than other people. It might be an ego thing, a status thing, a color thing, an educational thing, a financial thing. There are a lot of different reasons behind it, but it bothers me. In the long run, we are no better... Continue Reading →

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