Bolt was great, Phelps was greater; Lochte was the real goat of Rio

Carl Lewis - The Greatest Olympic Track and Field Athlete Ever. (Neil Leifer/Sports Illustrated photo)

Carl Lewis – The Greatest Olympic Track and Field Athlete Ever. (Neil Leifer/Sports Illustrated photo)

As far as I’m concerned, Carl Lewis is the greatest track and field performer of all-time.

Sorry Usain Bolt. You might be the fastest. But you’re not the greatest. You didn’t quite do enough to reach that level.

But, don’t feel bad. What you’ve done is mighty impressive. You’re only separated by 26 feet or so.

Bolt, as we all know from this past week, is a sprinter from Jamaica. He runs the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash and the runs a leg of the 4×100 relay with three countrymen.

Usain Bolt, the best sprinter the Olympics has ever seen. (Photo courtesy of

Usain Bolt, the best sprinter the Olympics has ever seen. (Photo courtesy of

Over the past three Olympics from 2008 to 2016, he’s won three gold medals every time out, giving him a “triple-triple.”

Like I said, mighty impressive.

One problem? Lewis has nine gold medals, as well. Plus, he’s got a silver. That’s 10 Olympic medals … one more than Bolt.

Plus, Lewis doing the long jump adds a different dimension to his talents.

You see, Bolt, to me is just too one dimensional. He’s fast. He’s lightning. And he does that one thing with incredible ease and success. (I also think he’s a PED user who hasn’t been caught, but until a test comes back positive I can’t use that against him).

To me, that one dimensionality he boasts, is why he’ll never be mentioned in the same breath as another great like Michael Phelps, the swimmer, as one of the greatest Olympians of all-time.

Bolt is a great sprinter, probably the best sprinter of all-time. I’ll give him that until a test comes back positive.

Michael Phelps, the GOAT.

Michael Phelps, the GOAT.

Phelps, though, has proven to be multi-dimensional over countless events and styles of swim, and let’s face he’s the greatest Olympian – summer, winter – of all-time … by far. It’s not even a contest.

And in Olympic track and field circles, Carl Lewis is one medal in front of Bolt. Lewis’ Olympic-winning times would have left him in medal contention during this year’s games, too. He was that good back then.

If Bolt comes back in 2020 and gets to 12 medals, I’ll reconsider.

• • •

I hate using the term GOAT.

Greatest Of All Time.

I’m old school, I suppose. To me a “goat” is the guy who strikes out with the bases loaded in a one-run game, or makes the error that loses a game.

Ryan Lochte, the goat. (Photo courtesy of

Ryan Lochte, the goat. (Photo courtesy of

But this is 2016 and the pussification of America is too far gone and nobody seems to be a goat anymore. So, in reaction, society has turned the word upside down and made it the best anagram ever – GOAT is the GOAT of anagrams, in some people’s opinion, if you will.

If this Olympic games has a goat, it could be Ryan Lochte, the U.S. swimmer whose second week in Rio was filled by a dark cloud after he told people he was robbed, only to find out he was being stupid and somebody called him out on it by pulling a gun.

After probably crapping in his speedos, Lochte told his mommy he was robbed by badge-wielding men pretending to be cops, and since that happens far too much in real life in Rio, it struck a nerve with the locals as it appeared Lochte’s story wasn’t 100 percent true.

Mommy in turn told the media and from there a little half-fib, half-truth snowballed into an international embarrassment for Lochte, USA Swimming, the United States Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee.

(I say half-true, half-fib because if you were being stupid in a foreign country and a man pulled a gun on you, security or not, and made you hand over money before leaving, you’d feel like you were robbed, too).

Still, it embarrassed his country big time, and like we don’t have enough embarrassment going on right now with our political race.

So if this Olympics had a goat it was Ryan Lochte.

As far as a GOAT? Well, my money goes back to Michael Phelps.

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