Lisa Marie Carleton: Forever An Angel

Everybody who met her fell in love with her. I should know.  I was one of them. It began with her smile. The twinkle in her eyes. The beautiful face. That's just what drew you in. Once you got to know her — her heart, her soul, her spirit — you fell in love with... Continue Reading →



A little more than a decade ago, I cracked a joke in front of an older co-worker that poked fun at his age. It was just one of those innocuous little jokes — so pitiful and small in nature that I don't even remember it today — but his reaction is something I've never forgotten.... Continue Reading →

The Agony of Being Word-less

There's an old joke about a plain white piece of paper. What is it?, the artist asks anybody who would listen. The answer: "It's a polar bear in a snowstorm with its eyes closed." I'm not very artistic, so I can't come up with a clever quip as to why I haven't banged out a blog... Continue Reading →

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