Leap Day should be a national holiday where we all eat bison liver

The Bison better be ready for future Leap Years.

The Bison better be ready for future Leap Years.

My friend Liz posted this thought of the day on her Facebook page this morning: “You get an extra day today. Spend it wisely.”

I’m guessing she’s not the only person to post such a hopeful statement.

After all, today is Feb. 29 — A Leap Day in a Leap Year — but for the most part it seems like just another day.

Liz, I’m pretty sure, is sitting at her office because it’s Monday — a work day.

I know that’s what I’ll be doing today. Working. Right after I get this list of chores that I didn’t complete over the weekend done.

That being said, in my humble opinion, Feb. 29 should be a national holiday. After all, it would only happen once every four years and there are so many ways you could make it special.

Give everybody the day off and market the holiday as a “Make A Difference Day.” Get some people to go out there and do something nice for somebody.

Or, in spirit of the every year four-year celebration, call it “Take a Flying Leap Day” — and urge people to do something on this day that they’ve never done before. Sky-diving. Bungee jumping. Eating bison liver (Sorry, Leonardo DiCaprio, you need to find something else to do in four years).

Or, if you really want to reach for the stars, how about this: The Federal Government — you know, the clowns we keep voting into office because we’re too either too stupid or too hopeful to actually invoke real change — should give every household $100 and tell the people to go spend it.

Sounds stupid on the surface, yes? Well, there are 126 million households in the country, so that’s $1.26 billion that government would have to fork over to its citizens. (Lord knows we’ve given them enough of our Benjamins).

To put that in perspective, though, consider our country’s budget is $3.8 trillion dollars, a $1.26 billion payout is only 0.33 percent of that annual budget.

And, in most cases, it would go right back into the economy — into the pockets of the little people, making a bunch of tiny differences that add up.

But how nice would that be? A nice dinner on the federal government? A few drinks at the local bar? Enjoying a bunch of Maine lobsters courtesy of Uncle Sam? Actually eating the liver of a bison?

OK, yeah, that’s kind of gross, even if Leonardo actually did it to win his first-ever Oscar.

Bottom line: It is an extra day and we should spend it wisely.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow us to.

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