October 2 — Mourning Routine

Columbine High School 1999 (Photo courtesy of Fox2now.com)

Columbine High School 1999 (Photo courtesy of Fox2now.com)

Columbine stunned us. It took our breath away. Left us speechless, without words. It was 1999.

Sandy Hook — which came 13 years later — broke our heart and flooded our nation with tears. Twenty dead children laying on classroom floors.

Umpqua was just yesterday. Ten more dead. Another killer’s name goes down in history.

And what’s on Netflix?

Nothing shocks us anymore. Sure, many of us take pause, say what a shame, and then it’s back to our lives until the next school shooting/mass murder happens.

Welcome to America in 2015.

I’ve said this all before so I know it’s like talking to a brick wall and hearing it is like hearing from a brick wall.

I made a crack on Facebook yesterday about millions of more dollars being sent from the National Rifle Association into the pockets of our politicians, who refuse to budget on gun control.

One of my Facebook friends — pardon the expression — shot back, “You’re blaming the NRA?”

My reply was: “Nope, it’s the fault of the 26-year-old shooter and whatever happened in his life to make him him a mass murderer. The NRA is just going to pump more money to the politicians to fight the gun control laws that much of our country wants and could possibly have saved the lives of some of these people who have been killed in the 250-plus mass murders that have occurred this calendar year.”

Everybody knows gun control laws aren’t going to stop people from dying from gun violence.

But most of the arguments against modifying the Second Amendment in this country is just so head-slapping ridiculous it’s obscene.

Rolling Stone magazine wrote a great piece about Four Pro-Gun Arguments We’re Sick of Hearing, which you can read by clicking here.

President Obama — who I really thought would be able to get stuff done after Sandy Hook, which is 20 miles from the place where I hang my hat — is as angry as much of America is, but nothing gets done.

Our President of change seven years ago proved he wasn’t powerful to change anything against a right-wing establishment whose sole purpose was to derail his presidency.

And it’s a shame.

Just like Kennedy in 1963 — though nothing like Kennedy in 1963 — we’ll never know for sure what the future could have held, only this time it’s because this country is so divided on political lines that nothing is getting done.

We’re dying every day — in our schools, in our movie theaters, on our streets, in our homes. The good news? At least most of have insurance now so we won’t be dying in the hospital.

There are children going hungry every day, crying themselves to sleep in a shelter or a car, or God knows, where else?

Welcome to the world in 2015 where it’s all apart of our mourning routine.