Happy Anniversary: The Road To My 31st Home

Nine years ago today, I moved into The Place Where I Hang My Hats. And that's the longest time I've ever spent in one place, believe it or not. Nine years. In two weeks and I'll be 49 1/2 years old (the toddler in me still appreciates that) and I've lived under 31 different roofs... Continue Reading →


Damn My Pride and Damn Thursdays

"Pride. Pride is a weakness." — Benjamin Martin, "The Patriot" • • • Every Thursday, I go through this. I wake up in the morning, climb out of bed, fill my belly with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and 24 ounces of Green Mountain Coffee and I sit down to put together the Wilton... Continue Reading →

October 2 — Mourning Routine

Columbine stunned us. It took our breath away. Left us speechless, without words. It was 1999. Sandy Hook — which came 13 years later — broke our heart and flooded our nation with tears. Twenty dead children laying on classroom floors. Umpqua was just yesterday. Ten more dead. Another killer's name goes down in history.... Continue Reading →

October in the October Weekend

It is October 1st. And this, as you know, if you come here from time to time, is the October Weekend, my personal blog where I spew forth stories, feelings, tidbits and the like of random things that pop up in my life. I don't post here as much as I would like simply because... Continue Reading →

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