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The Interview: Sony needs to thank North Korea

o-THE-INTERVIEW-TRAILER-facebookFirst, let it be said, I can certainly see why the North Korean regime would be upset by the movie “The Interview.”

To be at the centerpiece of a movie that proved to be so profoundly disappointing would upset me, too.

In fact, I’d dare say, the movie was so bad and so stupid on its surface that had the North Koreans kept their mouth shut about it, it would have died a slow and painful death at the box office ā€” the kind of death North Korea’s Supreme Leader likely would have likely enjoyed.

Instead, by pulling off their idiotic hacker pranks and threatening us and our beings as Americans, North Korea put the movie at the center of attention for the past week. In doing so, it brought the movie enough attention that people, no doubt, felt like they HAD to see it, just to prove they were proud American citizens who will not allow censorship to dictate what they can or can’t see.

While I, too, am a proud American citizen, I am also a fan of both Seth Rogen and James Franco and that’s why, having just shelled out $5.99 to watch the movie online ā€” Merry Christmas to me! ā€” I came away so disappointed.

Let’s put it this way. I’m glad I spent the six bucks to watch online because had I shelled out the $20-plus I would have spent at a theater (I’d have popcorn, too, mind you) I’d have walked away feeling as though I just wasted my money.

The movie had a few chuckles and just one or two literal laugh-out-loud moments. In Rogen-Franco terms, that’s not good.

The Eminem scene, in fact, was the highlight of the film and that happened less than 15 minutes into the movie and had little or nothing to do with the overall plot of the film.

Everything after that was just a few light chuckles sprinkled amongst the mass disappointment.

I’ll give you this. Rogen and Franco had good chemistry. They always do. And Randall Park, the actor who portrays North Korea’s Supreme Leader, was good as he went from effervescent and outgoing to down-right bat-shit insane.

But it’s the story line that drives a movie and such chemistry only would make it that much better.

When the writing doesn’t work, the chemistry doesn’t matter.

Let’s put it this way, if you get an F in English class and an A in science, it’s still only a 2.0 grade point average, and that’s what “The Interview” proved to be.

Just average.

Only North Korea decided to make it a spectacle.

Sony should send the real Kim Jung-un a thank you letter for giving such a mundane film so much publicity.

And, maybe, a puppy.




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