On This Prom Day, The Smiles Were Once Again Snatched Away From Us

Maren Sanchez shows off the dress she was going to wear to prom today.

Maren Sanchez shows off the dress she was going to wear to prom today.

The boy asked the girl to go to prom. She said no, so he slashed her throat.

It sounds like a terrible horror movie, one of those story lines that’s so ridiculous and asinine that it’s laughable. Who would believe it, except those who love such tales of horror and all the blood and the gore that goes with it?

But this wasn’t a movie. This was real life and real blood was spilled inside of the hallways of Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn., on a Friday morning before school.

And 16-year-old Maren Sanchez is dead on a day that was meant to be so special.

It was the morning of her Junior Prom.

My God, what a world we’ve created.

Part of me wants to hop up on the proverbial soapbox and decry the violence that once again has invaded the once-safe sanctuary of our public schools. But why bother? What good is it going to do? We have proven as a collective society that we are failing miserably in all aspects of keeping things safe for our children. And nobody is going to do anything about it.

Not that anything could be done.

It’s the act of a madman, a despicable decision of cowardice by a boy who refused to hear the word, “No.”

The Connecticut Post, citing sources at the school, has reported Sanchez was stabbed in the neck because she wouldn’t go to prom with him.

Milford Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Feser said Sanchez “was very well respected and liked. Academically, she did extremely well. She was just a wonderful young woman.”

And now she is gone.

She went to school on the morning of her prom and now she’s dead. Her family is shattered. Her friends are heartbroken.

The rest of us are just numb because it’s happened again.

All it takes is a quick online search to find a Facebook group titled, “JLHS Prom Dresses – 2014.”

In one of the posted photos Maren stands outside a store’s dressing room, looking as pretty as can be in a long teal dress with green striping, a small smile on her face. In the comment that she posted alongside the photo she wrote, “Yay so excited.” A smiley-face emoticon was placed after the first three letters.

Nobody at JLHS is smiling today.

How can they?

How can any of us?

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