Finding Rage On The Road Can Be Gambling With Your Life

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All we did is flick off a driver who cut us off — just another idiot who did something stupid on the road and couldn’t fess up to it and received a middle finger salute for his stupidity. The next thing we knew were racing around the streets of an unknown Rhode Island city, being chased by the person who had cut us off in the first place.

This incident happened more than 25 years ago when Your Truly and his Two Best Friends had decided on the spur of the moment to make a road trip from Bangor, Maine, to Pawtucket, R.I., to watch the University of Maine baseball team play.

Somewhere during the journey that incident happened and a couple of dumb-ass idiots put their lives and our lives in danger by chasing us just because we flipped them off for their making a stupid mistake on the road and they couldn’t handle it. We never stopped and who knows what might have happened if we did. We could have gotten the shit kicked out of us. Or, worse, one of us could have ended up dead.

That’s what happened to Timothy Davison, a 28-year-old man from my home state of Maine.

According to press reports, Davison had been visiting family in Florida for the holidays and was driving home. Somewhere around the Pennsylvania/Maryland border, his life ended in a road rage incident that neither party likely saw coming.

Police still don’t know exactly what happened and the person who pulled the trigger is still out there, a free man hoping his decision never catches up to him.

According to the Sun-Journal newspaper from Lewiston, Maine, Davison was driving on I-81 in Maryland in the wee hours of the morning when he called 911 and reported somebody in a Ford Ranger-style truck was chasing him and shooting at him. By the time he crossed the border into Pennsylvania, his car was rammed into the median strip and Davison was shot dead.

What happened before that is anybody’s guess. It’s not like there’s a whole lot of traffic on the road at 2 a.m., but something triggered this incident and a life was lost becasue of it.

We’ve all been there, I’m sure. Some asshole comes up behind you with his high beams on and refuses to pass you because it’s your job to get out of the way. Or maybe his high beams weren’t on at all, but he was tailgating within feet of your back bumper and all it takes is a tap on the breaks to strike the fear of God into somebody and turn them into a murderer.

Like I said, who knows what really happened? That’s between Davison and the person or people in the truck.

Somebody pissed somebody off and now somebody is is dead. And a family is heartbroken with more questions than answers.

Anger is a powerful thing, that’s for sure.

All of us, I’m sure, have felt anger so burning deep that we wanted to hurt to somebody. We’ve even said “I’m going to kill (insert him or her or that person’s name here)” because our emotions have gotten the best of us.

When the rage runs so fast through your veins and senses and that you feel you might actually do it is a scary feeling.

Most of us have enough control and common sense to rein in that anger.

Other people aren’t wired the same. They carry a hidden gun and expect you to respect them, and if you don’t they have the power to put a finger on a trigger and put the fear of death into you. And if that doesn’t work then they will just kill you, sometimes for no reason at all.

Drivers are bad everywhere you go.

In Maine, we bitched about the Canadian drivers because of their obvious stupidity on the road. All of New England gripes about Massachusetts drivers because of their aggressive ways. Here in the 203, it’s the Red Light Running Capital of the World where if you don’t pause at a green light and wait for the extra traffic to come through you will be t-boned in the time it takes to say, “Insurance company, give me see some money.” After all, there are many people in this part of Connecticut who feel it is their birthright to get to where they want to go no matter who else is on the road. It’s a way of life from what I’ve seen.

I’ve pretty much retired my middle finger. I have a horn and have used that plenty of times.

A finger makes it personal. And some people will kill you for it. That’s the world that we live in, sadly.

That’s not a gamble I’m willing to take any more.


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