Live From Super Bowl Media Day, Not Me

There was a time in my life when I would have sold my third child to cover a Super Bowl. Then, somewhere along the way, I never had a third child and the entire realm of professional sports took a back seat to so many other things. This morning, exactly 75.44 miles (according to Continue Reading →


Did Bieber’s Arrest Come Justin Time?

We all love a train wreck, and by "we" I mean all of us, collectively, as an American People. That's why "we" went crazy on Thursday morning when unknown-rapper-turned-teen-heartthrob-turned-spoiled-brat-turned-Canadian-National-Joke Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of DUI charges in Miami. This, of course, came a week after Bieber's California mansion was raided by police who... Continue Reading →

An Image: A Thrown-Away Memory

So the other day while walking through a parking lot outside the Webster Bank Arena, one located under the I-95 bridge overpass that slices through the city of Bridgeport, I came across the above photo, laying on the tar and getting soaked and destroyed by the rain and the weather. The artistic side of me... Continue Reading →

A Lesson In Karma

Jack is one of the players on the basketball team I coach and on Sunday afternoon I saw Karma take hold of him and reward him in a way that was pretty special. The team is a group of sixth-grade boys based out of Wilton and they're an athletic bunch. They play defense as though... Continue Reading →

When Words Cost You A ‘Friend’

It was a birthday-wish gone awry, I suppose. And it cost me a friend. Well, a "Facebook Friend" — which in the 21st century is somewhat of a status symbol amongst certain people who click accept, accept, accept at every request that comes in from their friend's second cousin's boss' next-door neighbor. I'm not quite... Continue Reading →

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